Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 v8ch20a

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Person: Back… in Japan…


Fuyuki: Kuze!

Fuyuki: You’re so late!

Kuze: Late…?

It’s only 7:30am!

Fuyuki: That’s not important!

Fuyuki: Hurry, come with me!

Kuze: To do what… Don’t pull!

Fuyuki: I’ve already arranged to meet with someone.

Director: Yes—

Director: Morning, Kuze!

Kuze: –Director?

Director: Fuyuki was the one that invited me over.

Fuyuki: I brought him over–!

Director: I thought something had happened when I received her call at 4 in the morning!

Director: Hahaha!

Kuze: …

Kuze: You…

Fuyuki: Hehe<3

Fuyuki: Kuze’s little sister Naoko…

Fuyuki: Before her death, there was something she always kept with her–


Fuyuki: I might be able to find a clue related to Naoko’s killer.

Kuze: Please–

You’re too carefree!

Kuze: 4 in the morning?

Fuyuki: This way…

Fuyuki: Because…

Director: Don’t criticize her, Kuze.


Fuyuki: The heavy burden within Kuze’s heart

Kuze: You’ve spoiled the brat rotten…

Fuyuki: Should lighten…!

Fuyuki: Just thinking about it makes me restless…

Fuyuki: But, calling at 4 in the morning was probably too much.

Fuyuki: Sorry Uncle Kourogi…

Director: Come, what I promised you

Director Has been prepared.

Director: The stuffed animal–

Director: From when she was alive.


Fuyuki: —Okay!

Fuyuki: Highly motivated!

Fuyuki: –I have to find it–

Kuze: ….

Fuyuki: For Kuze,

Fuyuki: So that he won’t have that sorrowful look in his eyes,

Fuyuki: I definitely–

Fuyuki: Have to find it—!!!

Sasaki: —…

Sasaki: Ku..Kuze,

what’s wrong with Fuyuki?

Kuze: …Just ignore her.

Sasaki: Oh…


Fuyuki: What a… huge blow…

Fuyuki: It’s been 12 years after all. Truthfully, I knew I wouldn’t find anything precise, but…

Fuyuki: I absolutely…

Fuyuki: Never thought…

Fuyuki: There would be nothing!

I couldn’t even find one trace!

Fuyuki: How could this be?

Kuze: ….

Fuyuki: Can’t…

Fuyuki: Can’t see…

Completely pale

Kuze: Does “can’t see” mean you can’t see anything?

Fuyuki: It’s like…

there’s something blocking my view…

Fuyuki: I could only see a dark figure.

Fuyuki: Is he the culprit—?

Fuyuki: I could only make out a person’s shadow…

Fuyuki: Ah,


Fuyuki: Perhaps I’ll be able to see after trying a few more times…

Kuze: If that’s the case, then never mind.

Fuyuki: Eh?

Kuze: I had my doubts that you would be able to find any clues.

Kuze: This is something we have to work on slowly.

Fuyuki: Why are you so optimistic?

Kuze: What’s the use in worrying?

Fuyuki: That may be true,

                but this is no small matter–

Director: Let’s stop arguing.

Director: Fuyuki, don’t get so worked up.


Director: I agree with Kuze’s point of view,

Director: We have to take this urgent case one step at a time.

Director: You can use this room as you wish,

                No need to force yourself. Okay?

Fuyuki: Okay…

Fuyuki: But,

Fuyuki: I want to find a lead on the criminal as quickly as possible.

Kuze: –…

Fuyuki: Even though Kuze and Uncle Kourogi say that…

Fuyuki: I thought I would be able to find something rather quickly

Fuyuki: But it looks like it can’t be done?

Kuze: Hey—

Fuyuki: Ku…


Kuze: How long are you going to stay upset?

Kuze: Get up!

Fuyuki: Because~~

Kuze: No need to feel so bad!

                Didn’t you say it seems like you saw something but at the same time didn’t?

Fuyuki: That’s true…

Kuze: I want give up just because of this.

Fuyuki: It goes without saying that Kuze is the one feeling the most  regret…

Fuyuki: That’s why I shouldn’t keep dragging my feet!

Fuyuki: You’re right, I’ll go try again right now…

Fuyuki: Let me tell you–


Kuze: You can only try once a day. So you can’t do it again today.

Fuyuki: What?

Kuze: The second thing–

Kuze: If I’m not around, you can’t look.

Fuyuki: You…

Fuyuki: You’re so overbearing!

Fuyuki: Why~

                Why make stupid rules?

Kuze: Ah that…

Kuze: Do you have an objection?

Fuyuki: N…

Fuyuki: No…

Kuze: As long as you understand.

Kuze: Hmph–

Fuyuki: De…mon…

Fuyuki: Wuuu~

Fuyuki: So scary like a wild beast~

Sasaki: Fu… Fuyuki…

Kuze: “That kind of thing”…


Kuze: How could I let you see it on your own–

Fuyuki: Kuze said all that, but…

Fuyuki: Just for a little bit…

Fuyuki: Hmm.. Kuze’s not here, right?

Fuyuki: I also think it’s weird,

Fuyuki: !

Fuyuki: Why I am so desperate.

Fuyuki: Is it because someone is trying to stop me that I am even more keen on doing it?

Fuyuki: No,

Fuyuki: That’s not it.

Fuyuki: Because it’s all I can do–

Fuyuki: Ku…

Fuyuki: Kuze!

Fuyuki: What is he doing here?

Fuyuki: There’s no helping it, I’ll come back later…

Fuyuki: Other I’ll get yelled at if I’m found out.

Fuyuki: Anyway,

Fuyuki: Why did Kuze come here—


Fuyuki: Kuze—…

Kuze: …?

Director: –Eh?

Directior: Fu~yu~ki~chan<3

Fuyuki: Wahh!


Director: Eh—

                Kuze made such rules?

Fuyuki: That’s right…

Director: Kuze isn’t trying to tease you by saying that.

Fuyuki: I know this…

Director: He worries about you!

Fuyuki: Eh…?

Director: When you use Naoko’s old doll for “sensing*,”

Director: It means that you will also experience…

Director: All that happened leading up to her death–

T/N *With her abilities, she can gather information about the individual in question through touch.

Director: Although it’s something that already happened,

Director: There’s no doubt Kuze will still worry!

Fuyuki: Kuze…

Director: Not to mention that “sensing” has its own risks.

Director: There have been those who dived too deep unable to return to their own mind.

Director: Fuyuki-chan, you absolutely must not be reckless!

                Do you understand?

Director: You have to understand this.

Fuyuki: Yes…

Director: That’s a good girl<3

Fuyuki: …But, Uncle–

                I only have this method…

Director: …Eh?

Fuyuki: But I…


Fuyuki: The only thing I can do for Kuze–

Fuyuki: All I can do

Fuyuki: Is only this…

Director: How troublesome…

Director: This kid…

Director: Fuyuki-chan, this isn’t the only thing you can do for Kuze!

Fuyuki: Eh?

Fuyuki: What else can I do?

Director: No… I should say, you are the only one that can do this…

Fuyuki: Eh~?

                What is it?

Director: It’s a secret<3

Director: You have to figure it out.

Fuyuki: What~~?

Fuyuki: It’s frustrating because I don’t know! Uncle is so mean!

Director: Hehehe…

Director: Fuyuki-chan,  what Kuze desires…

Director: And its usefulness

Director: Has nothing to do with each other.

Director: Out of everything that young man desires,

                there is only one thing—

Director: Fuyuki-chan, you really don’t know


Director: In fact, not long ago,

Director: Kuze was the impatient one.

Director: These past 12 years, there has been a sense of anxiety within him.

Director: But seeing Kuze’s eyes today,

Director: It was no longer clouded, but calm.

Director: The haze that couldn’t be gotten rid of after 12 years,

Director: You dispelled it in a few short months.

Director: It’s just that you haven’t realized this yourself.

Director: How bothersome…

Director: My my,

                I’m afraid we’ll still have to wait before the two of them get together!

Director: You can do it, Kuze!

Kuze: Still nothing?

Fuyuki: Sigh~

Fuyuki: Yeah…

Fuyuki: Today was also a failure.

Extremely disappointed…


Kuze: –…

Fuyuki: Kuze…

Fuyuki: His actions

Fuyuki: Seem to be telling me

Fuyuki: Not to take it to heart…

Fuyuki: Okay!

                I’ll try my best again tomorrow!

—5 days later…

Sasaki: …

Sasaki: Ku…


Sasaki: The dark energy surrounding Fuyuki is getting stronger.

Sasaki: There is another dimension that’s about to open…

Black hole…

Kuze: ….

Fuyuki: These past 5 days–

Fuyuki: I’ve been sensing nonstop without any results!

Fuyuki: My vision is always obstructed

Fuyuki: Is it because it’s been 12 years?

Fuyuki: Naoko’s lingering energy is very weak,

Fuyuki: I can’t trace it at all.

Fuyuki: Sensing is what I’m supposed to the best at…

Fuyuki: I’m losing my confidence.

Fuyuki: No, no, no, no!

Fuyuki: I can’t just give up like this!

Fuyuki: I’m going to get some air…


Police Station

Fuyuki: How troublesome…

Fuyuki: I had thought that it would be easy to find a lead on the suspect

Fuyuki: But if even sensing doesn’t work, we might have to give up.

Fuyuki: –But…

Fuyuki: At that time,

Fuyuki: His face full of pain

Fuyuki: While softly touching the bear—

Fuyuki: Made me hope…

Fuyuki: That Kuze will be able to catch the killer.

Fuyuki: Just what is it

Fuyuki:  Only I am capable of doing that Uncle Kourogi mentioned…?

Fuyuki: If I knew,

Fuyuki: I would be willing to do it no matter what it is–

Fuyuki: Hah—

                I don’t get it!


Kuze: –What don’t you get?

Fuyuki: –Wah!


Fuyuki: Don’t just suddenly appear!

Kuze: I’m not some monster!

Kuze: You were getting all confused and disoriented on your own. That’s why I came to check on you.

Fuyuki: Eh? Confused and disoriented?

Kuze: Yeah!

Kuze: Like a black hole.

Fuyuki: ?!

Kuze: You are probably thinking about some unfeasible task, right?

Fuyuki: Don’t say unfeasible!

Fuyuki: Because… I haven’t been of any help…

Kuze: So it was because of something like this.

Kuze: You think too much!

Fuyuki: I know…

Fuyuki: But Kuze–

Fuyuki: What else is there

Fuyuki: Wanting to do something…

Fuyuki: That I can do for you?

Fuyuki: For the person you like…

Fuyuki: Is natural, right–?


Kuze: Of course there is—

Fuyuki: !


Fuyuki: What is it?

Kuze: Don’t move…

Fuyuki: Eh…?

Fuyuki: ?!!

Fuyuki: K-k-kuze!

Kuze: There’s no need to do any special task!

Fuyuki: Eh?

Kuze: You don’t have to be useful to me,

Kuze: Living… and staying by my side is enough–

Fuyuki: Ku…


Fuyuki: The people around us are watching…

Kuze: Ignore them.

Fuyuki: You…

Fuyuki: …Even though I’m mad,

Fuyuki: Being touched by Kuze,

Fuyuki: My whole body and mind feels at peace…

Fuyuki: My heart feels like it’s going to burst.

Fuyuki: …That’s right, my reading ability also stabilizes a lot…


Fuyuki: Ah– No wonder!

Fuyuki: That’s it!

Kuze: What?

Fuyuki: Kuze!

                Let me try one more time today!

Fuyuki: Also…

Fuyuki: I want you to help me.

Person: —///

Kuze: What do you want me to do?

Fuyuki: I want you to hold my hand.

Fuyuki: The one that can stabilize my ability,

Fuyuki: while I sense what no one else can, is none other than–

Kuze: Hold your hand?

Fuyuki: Kuze, who holds the key…

Fuyuki: Another thing is that Naoko and Kuze are siblings.

Fuyuki: Their auras are similar which will make it easier to trace.

Fuyuki: More importantly,

Fuyuki: Leave this to me.

Fuyuki: Once I think that Kuze is with me

Fuyuki: I believe

Fuyuki: What previously could not be done alone,

Fuyuki: I am confident this time!


Fuyuki: Will definitely be accomplished—!

Fuyuki: –This is great–

Fuyuki: There is still a layer of shadow, but the darkness has lifted quite a bit.

Fuyuki: This is… a factory…?

Fuyuki: A person…!

Fuyuki: That shadow… is the killer!

Fuyuki: …Eh…?

Kuze: —…


Kuze: How was it?

                Did you see anything?

Fuyuki: Yeah…

Fuyuki: Too much time has passed, so the image wasn’t very clear.

Fuyuki: But I saw a petite and slender youth…

Fuyuki: Wearing uniform…

Kuze: –Uniform?

Kuze: A high school student?

Fuyuki: No, it’s probably…

Fuyuki: The killer is probably a middle school student.

Both: The killer is–

Both: A child–?


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